What People Say

“Coaching with Susie is a breath of fresh air. As a self-employed woman of a certain age who works 6 or 7 days a week and cares for a disabled husband, the pressure is often suffocating. I was so stuck ‘busily doing’ I had no time to even consider how I was feeling, or what I wanted.

I admit that carving out time for coaching, at first, felt impossible, but I have come to gasp for the space, time and perspective it gives me. Having an hour to focus on ME has been transformational. I have realised that I am doing OK – in fact, more than OK. Susie helps me see – and acknowledge – my achievements and the big and little ‘wins’ I tended to brush past on my way to the next task. I feel more confident, capable and inspired as a result.

Susie is calm, empowering, and empathetic. Her highly intuitive nature, combined with her experience in business and as a mother, gives her a unique and wonderful quality I trust beyond measure. I’m excited now to work with Susie to breathe new vitality into my dreams, goals and desires in the other areas of my life.”


“Prior to my coaching with Susie I was at a crossroads, but I wasn’t sure why. My eldest was looking at universities and my youngest was moving into the grunting stage of teens. I felt lucky, but I felt trapped. I was flat, demotivated and questioning if this was all life had to offer? I knew I had to take some control back of my life and try and fathom a way out of my rut.

Since working with Susie I’ve been able to clear my fog. I’m able to make decisions without dithering, I’m much more organised with my time (I see it as my most valuable resource now), I have a plan and that’s given me focus. I would say the most positive change I’ve noticed is I have become effective again and with that my energy levels have increased.

Being coached by Susie is like catching up with a friend (though we’ve never actually met, all our work was over the phone), but with a structure to keep me on track. When Susie talks to me my thoughts just seem to flow, I fix my own challenges just by answering a simple question posed by her. I am coming up with my own forward path and it seems so clear to me.

If you were considering working with Susie I would urge you to JDI (just do it!). I can’t fully explain what happens or how it happens – but it does and it has had a positive impact on my life and my future is now much clearer. As I look forward to the next stage in my life I feel no fear, I know I’m going to be OK – more than OK! My children moving into their next chapter is a point to celebrate not fear. It’s my time now.”

Linzi Brocklesby

“I started coaching sessions with Susie for two reasons. Having recently re-trained as a careers adviser I had touched on coaching in my professional training and wanted to experience it first-hand. The second reason was to address confidence issues about returning to the workplace after a long break and also some anxiety issues from childhood, which I recognised had held me back in my earlier career and which I was determined would not do so going forward!!

The experience has been liberating. Susie has helped me develop simple strategies, using imagery and visualisation, to use in situations that cause anxiety. I have a tendency to think negatively and she has helped me turn around the way I view situations, which has been transformative. I am excited to see how I have progressed in my work in the past few months, tackling challenges I really thought would be impossible.

Susie is highly intelligent, intuitive and a very good listener. The experience of being listened to exclusively is a very powerful one, particularly as I don’t always take myself seriously enough! She quickly identifies the main issues, allows a little time for reflection but at the same time always helps me find positive ways to make progress, so the session ends on a motivational note. I can highly recommend her and coaching as a way to move forward and overcome barriers.”

Liz Taylor

“If you are interested in getting some coaching and like me are considering a career change, then I would recommend working with Susie. I wanted to focus on a better work life balance, as I was feeling quite lost, needing direction and not fully in control of a lot of things.

Initially, I was a bit concerned about exploring this avenue. I lead a busy life as a working mum and time to focus on myself is not often something I afford myself. I was also a little concerned by the cost of ‘investing in me’, not just from a time point of view but financially too. I need not have worried.

Having completed my sessions with Susie, I am much more focused on recognising the things I can control, as opposed to worrying tirelessly and trying to change things that ultimately I know I can’t. I have a more positive mindset and am more aware of how to manage my emotions. I have more in my armoury to deal with life.

I’m also a lot more self-aware. I recognise that I need to look after myself if I’m to successfully look after those around me. To be the best I can be means prioritising time for me and this has been a real shift. It was also a fantastic opportunity to recognise all the wonderful things in my life that I knew were there but had never really taken a step back to acknowledge.

Coaching with Susie feels like a ‘safe place’ and you can be open and honest, as she listens without judgement. She is brilliant at playing back to you ‘what she is hearing’, which may not be what you think you are saying. I loved the sense of being on a journey together and not feeling like you’re on your own – and I love that I can reach out to her as and when I may need to.  A wonderfully insightful experience. And if you’re thinking you could, then you should!”

Kate Hearn

“Before I started coaching with Susie I was going around in circles and feeling really frustrated – I wasn’t enjoying life to the full, but I lacked the direction and confidence to do anything about it. I had got myself into a kind of paralysis. I was sick of hearing myself moaning about my situation but not doing anything about it. Looking back, I probably thought doing nothing was less scary than failing at something.

The biggest change I’ve noticed since working with Susie is that I have a renewed self-belief and feel much more like my old much more confident self. I am kinder to myself and less self-critical. I no longer fester or take things so personally. I can literally laugh now at things that used to drive me mad.

I am also much better at living in the moment. I now focus on what is important to me and my well-being and have jettisoned the other stuff. Where that has not been entirely possible, with Susie’s guidance I have been able to set in place some effective coping strategies for difficult people and situations.

Coaching with Susie is like watching yourself from above. Sometimes we just can’t see the wood for the trees. I now see myself for the confident and capable woman I am, with lots still to offer the world and the people around me. I feel ready to give things a go. To get out there again. I feel optimistic and really rather excited at the thought of where I may end up.”


“Initially I was apprehensive about life coaching, feeling it was self-indulgent and worried there would be lots of awkward silences. The reality was it offered me an insight into thoughts and pre-conceived ideas that were holding me back in life. As for awkward silences, they didn’t exist! This was thanks to Susie’s genial way of asking questions that helped me focus on and visualise areas of my life that I wanted to reawaken.

Since having coaching I have renewed respect for myself. I also have a clearer direction and have benefited from the tools Susie showed me to challenge the negative thoughts that creep into mind every now and then! I would highly recommend Susie if you were thinking about life coaching.”

Katy Thomas

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