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Balance, Time, Purpose, Identity

In my experience, many of the challenges that can leave you feeling less than satisfied with the way you’re living your life revolve around one or more of these themes.

Perhaps you’re struggling with the balance between work and home life, between your needs and everybody else’s, or between responsibility and fun.

You may be finding it hard to carve out time for yourself, as you rush headlong from task to task. Or you may have the sense that time is racing by and it’s now or never if you want to make big changes.

Maybe you lack a sense of purpose or meaning in your work or your day-to-day activities, or you feel that you’re drifting through life with no clear direction and goals.

Or perhaps you’re wrestling with issues of identity – who are you in your forties, in your fifties, in your work, in your relationship, as a mother, or now that your children have left home?

But however stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed you might be feeling right now, you do have the resources within you to make transformative change.

And I know how quickly things can turn around when you’re ready to reach out for help, put your day-to-day routine to one side and spend some dedicated time asking yourself the deep questions.
Coaching with me will help you reconnect with the best of yourself and leave you with renewed confidence, enthusiasm and purpose as you move forward with your life.
“The experience has been liberating. I am excited to see how I have progressed in my work in the past few months, tackling challenges I really thought would be impossible.”
Liz Taylor

I know how it feels to be stuck in this way, because this was my story too.

When I had my children, I switched from a demanding career in headhunting, via part-time working, to several years of full-time parenting.

I loved the family years at home – but over time I started to lose sight of my strengths and realised that I’d put an important part of myself on hold.

Working with a coach when I was spinning my wheels and trying to work out what to do was the best investment I could have made in myself.

Within a few short months, I had regained my confidence and zest for life – and in the process found a new and richly rewarding career path.

I’m passionate about helping people get back to the heart of who they are.

Coaching has reconnected me with the most inspiring part of my earlier career – seeing people growing, thriving and realising their full potential.
Watching my clients moving from self-doubt, confusion or inertia towards greater balance, fulfilment and happiness is what I love most about this work.
“Susie is calm, empowering, and empathetic. Her highly intuitive nature, combined with her experience in business and as a mother, gives her a unique and wonderful quality I trust beyond measure.”

Our Coaching Partnership

Our coaching sessions offer a safe, supportive space for you to step out of your busy life and focus deeply on making the changes you’re longing for, without external distractions, preconceptions or judgements of any kind.

I’ll help you to identify and shift behaviour patterns that are holding you back, connect with your core values and discover what really lights you up.
I’ll help you develop plans to move you forward powerfully and I’ll keep you on track with the things you say you’ll do.
I’ll motivate you and champion you as you work towards your goals – and above all I’ll believe unwaveringly in your innate capacity for growth and change.

How We Work Together

We work together initially for a minimum of six fortnightly sessions, by telephone, Skype or Zoom audio.

We start with a 90-minute “Discovery” session, followed by five one-hour sessions. This gives us time to really explore what you want to be different in your life, set some clear goals and take meaningful action towards them.

There will sometimes be “homework” – specific actions or further reflection around themes that emerge during our sessions.

You’re welcome to email me in-between our coaching conversations with questions, for additional support, or to share your wins with me.


£785 for six sessions, paid in three equal instalments at the beginning of each month, or £725 if paid in full at the start of our coaching.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Chinese Proverb

Is this your time?

“If you were considering working with Susie I would urge you to JDI (just do it!). I can’t fully explain what happens or how it happens – but it does and it has had a positive impact on my life and my future is now much clearer.”
Linzi Brocklesby

Get In Touch

I offer a free 30-minute conversation for us to talk about what brings you to coaching, what’s most important to you and whether we’re a good fit for each other.

Please fill in this form or call me on 07905 508738 to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!